Tibet and Monkeyproof Wi-Fi Presented by Xeni Jardin at October 2006 SOCALWUG Meeting

Xeni Jardin at October 2006 SOCALWUG MeetingXeni Jardin at October 2006 SOCALWUG Meeting

Sept 2006 Meeting Mike Outmesguine Cellular Cantenna

Tibet and Monkeyproof Wi-Fi - So Cal Wireless Meeting Thursday in our NEW LOCATION, Sherman Oaks, CA

That’s right, we are meeting in Sherman Oaks this month. Our time in Pasadena is at an end. The iHop is closed. Time for an upgrade.

We found a nice auditorium at the Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Park. Just north of the 101 on Van Nuys Blvd. After some discussion on the SOCALWUG mailing list, we came up with the intersection of the 101 and the 405 to be a fair tradeoff between the Westside, SF Valley, Pasadena, and it’s a commuters paradise on the evening exodus from the city. Folks in Orange County may need to leave work a few minutes early.

For our new location we lined up a very special event from LA’s own Xeni Jardin. From her recent trip to Northern India exploring technology, Tibet, and the interconnectedness of all things, Xeni will show us her photo journal, tell some stories, and explain why Tibetan monks are using Wi-Fi in one of the remotest regions in the world.

Oh and we might talk about the new California law against using hand held cell phones while driving.

Meeting notice follows with address and link.

-Mike O.


The So Cal Wireless Users Group is meeting, Thursday 09/28/06 at 7pm (Pacific).


Himalayan wireless from the Tibetan Technology Center

Hacking the Himalayas is a series on NPR from tech journalist Xeni Jardin. She explores how Tibetan exiles are reconnecting with their past and embracing the future partly from a growing wireless mesh network. Technicians have to monkey-proof the system. Literally from monkeys swinging on antennas! Meanwhile, buddhist monks are emailing each other from their temples and others are reaching out internationally with websites telling their story.

Who should attend?

Wireless users
Wireless technicians and engineers
Business people interested in wireless
People working in the wireless community
Wireless Security professionals
People new to wireless
People interested in meeting others involved in the wireless community
Buyers of wireless technology products and services
Those interested in lively technical discussions ranging from beginner to expert
People old to wireless

Meeting Cost: Free!

Agenda (times are approximate):

7:00 Mixing - business/friend contacts
7:10 Logon> Introductions to the group and key members
7:15 Announcements & News Items
7:30 Presentation
8:30 Mixing - break off into groups of discussions
9:00 Logoff> Discussions move to the parking lot


Every Fourth Thursday
7:00pm to 9:00pm (Pacific)
Thursday 09/28/06


We are meeting in the Auditorium
5040 Van Nuys Boulevard
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Please redistribute this notice.

Thank you!

And remember: NEW LOCATION! Don’t go to the restaurant.

World’s smallest 2.4 GHz spectrum analyzer, TripLite, Giveaways, Monkey-proof Antennas and more

The So Cal Wireless Users Group is meeting, Thursday 08/24/06 at 7pm (Pacific).

We’ll be giving away one Wi-Spy spectrum analyzer and one Connector Adaptor Kit must be in person at the meeting to win.


7:20pm Tripp-Lite enabling mobile and wireless – More details to follow

7:30pm Pasadena Networks, LLC neat new products

Live demo of: Wi-Spy, the world’s smallest 2.4 GHz spectrum analyzer

Live demo of AIREPOCH HOTSPOT GATEWAY, 802.11g HGW210-E, an inexpensive Multi-Function, All-in-One Wireless Hotspots Access Gateway for Wireless Public Hotspot Applications

Live demo of the Ubiquity AP-1 dual band mesh:

8:00pm Himalayan wireless from the Tibetan Technology Center

Hacking the Himalayas is a series on NPR from tech journalist Xeni Jardin. She explores how Tibetan exiles are reconnecting with their past and embracing the future partly from a growing wireless mesh network. Technicians have to monkey-proof the system. Literally from monkeys swinging on antennas! Meanwhile, buddhist monks are emailing each other from their temples and others are reaching out internationally with websites telling their story.


Every Fourth Thursday 7:00pm to 9:00pm (Pacific) Thursday 08/24/06 7pm


Pasadena IHOP Restaurant (rear meeting room)
3521 E. Foothill Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91107
Location: http://ihop.know-where.com/ihop/cgi/site?00006
Wireless SSID: www.socalwug.org
GPS: N 34 09.032 - W 118 04.645

Marconi and the early years of wireless SOCALWUG Meeting July 27th 2006

Imagine a time when many scientists believed that radio waves would only travel line of sight. A time when the only way to send a long distance message was over telegraph cables.

Just over a hundred years ago this was the case.

Guglielmo Marconi in 1901 proved that wireless waves were not affected by the curvature of the Earth, he used his system for transmitting the first wireless signals across the Atlantic between Poldhu, Cornwall England, and St. John’s, Newfoundland.

I’m sure most of us remember the centennial celebration in 2001 of Marconi’s achievements.

On a recent trip to Cornwall England last month, I visited both the Marconi Poldhu and Lizard Point wireless stations where Marconi performed his early experiments. In order to make this transmission over the Atlantic tremendous obstacles needed to be overcome.

Only during this visit did I realize the magnitude of what Marconi did in 1901.

At the next SOCALWUG meeting I’ll present some of the fascinating events that lead up to Marconi’s success.

I’ll have stories, video and photos of these two historical wireless sites and information you may not find elsewhere.

The So Cal Wireless Users Group is meeting, Thursday 07/27/06 at 7pm (Pacific). http://www.socalwug.org


Pasadena IHOP Restaurant (rear meeting room)
3521 E. Foothill Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91107
Location: http://ihop.know-where.com/ihop/cgi/site?00006


SOCALWUG Meeting: Open Discussion, Demonstrations, Q&A

The So Cal Wireless Users Group is meeting this Thursday 06/22/2006 at 7pm (Pacific).

Open discussion. Bring your gear, your questions, and answers.

Who should attend?

  • Wireless users
  • Wireless technicians and engineers
  • Business people interested in wireless
  • People working in the wireless community Wireless Security professionals People new to wireless People interested in meeting others involved in the wireless community Buyers of wireless technology products and services Those interested in lively technical discussions ranging from beginner to expert People old to wireless

Meeting Cost: Free!

  • Agenda (times are approximate):
  • 7:00 Mixing - business/friend contacts
  • 7:10 Logon> Introductions
  • 7:15 Announcements & News Items
  • 7:20 General Q&A
  • 7:30 Presentation
  • 8:30 Mixing - break off into groups of discussions
  • 9:00 Logoff>
  • 10:00 Discussions move to the parking lot


  • Every Fourth Thursday
  • 7:00pm to 9:00pm (Pacific)
  • Thursday 06/22/2006 7pm


Take the Train!

MTA Gold Line “Sierra Madre Villa” station Visit the MTA site for times and
Click this MapQuest link for a walking map from the SMV station:

Note: Please come hungry and support our host. Food served during meeting.
Separate checks.

Please redistribute this notice.

Ultimate PDA Setup T-Mobile MDA

MdaMdaback Mda2
A few months ago I replaced my problematic HP iPaq 6315 with the T-Mobile MDA (Qtec 9100) with Windows Mobile 5. My primary use is email. With the MyEmail application, T-Mobile “pushes” email to the PDA when the mail arrives. I’ve found this device excellent for accessing email while not at my regular laptop computer. The device has GPRS (GSM EDGE) Internet connectivity over the T-Mobile cellular system, WiFi and Bluetooth. I use GPRS/EDGE while mobile and WiFi in the home and office. If needed I can use the MDA as a “modem” for my laptop via USB cable or Bluetooth.

My secondary list of uses is growing rapidly especially in it’s GPS and mapping capability. Here is a list of the applications I’ve installed so far (A to Z):

BeeLineGPS This gives your PDA all the software functions of a GPS and more (you need a Bluetooth or other GPS connected to do real time locations). This gives your PDA the ability to track routes and plot waypoints. This is what I use for geocaching.

CE Remote Display Remote control your Windows Mobile from your Windows PC while connected via ActiveSync.

G7toCE Download routes and waypoints from your GPS. Also converts data to/from many mapping applications.

GpsGate An essential tool for anyone using a GPS on a PDA. This program allows multiple GPS or Mapping programs to share a single GPS. Also the NEMA logging feature works well for logging the path of your trip.

Mobipocket For reading electronic books.

PocketStreets Free program included with MS MapPoint, Streets & Trips and AutoRoute. Allows the export of these Microsoft maps into your PDA.

PocketTOPO! And add on product for the National Geographic series of topographical mapping software.

SocketgpsSocket Bluetooth GPS (Hardware) I’ve used this GPS on many trips and in rental cars. Battery lasts over 7 hours.

Tom Tom Navigator I have both the US and Europe maps. An excellent program that does turn by turn and verbal navigation on the fly.

VideoLan Very flexable multimedia software. For both video and audio.

VisualGPSce A free program. A small subset of the features in BeeLineGPS.

WiFiFoFum2 Program for detection of WiFi Access Points. I use this since Netstumbler does not work with the T-Mobile MDA built-in WiFi card.

APRS-CE A now somewhat defunct piece of software. This is an APRS Amateur Radio application. A few minor bugs prevents this from being great software. Using Bluetooth connected to a GPS or Kenwood D7a/D700 the software starts geting real slow. As if it’s using all the CPU cycles. Useful when at a static location and connected to the Internet.


We have a change in the presentation for tomorrow’s meeting. We’re happy to announce that SmartBridges will be presenting. The Hotspot Gateway from Airepoch presentation as been rescheduled for July.

The So Cal Wireless Users Group is meeting tomorrow, Thursday
05/25/06 at 7pm (Pacific).

Video streaming information will be posted here this afternoon. Our free video streaming is courtesy of Camstreams

Naveen Chhangani, Director- Technical Sales, will be conducting detailed live product presentations with some applications and how to implement wireless connectivity solutions quickly and affordably. Including live product demonstrations.

It provides an opportunity for service providers and system integrators to learn more about smartBridges solutions for the wireless broadband market.
The smartBridges award winning Nexus radios can be used in applications ranging from WISPs, HotZone, Hot Spot, residential or office connectivity, e-Government, rural healthcare to mission critical industrial applications.

SmartBridges has an installed global base of over 300,000 systems in six continents and over 80 countries around the world. they specialize in developing innovative, carrier-class, easy-to-deploy and easy-to-maintain outdoor wide area wireless networking products/solutions. Visit their success stories and products page.

So Cal Wireless Users Group

The So Cal Wireless Users Group is meeting this Thursday 05/25/06 at 7pm (Pacific).

Live Video Streaming, location and directions at http://www.socalwug.org (Video streaming information will be on the website Thursday afternoon)

Hotspot Gateway from Airepoch. Enables easy installation for coffee shop, hotel lobbies, or small to midsize exhibition area. Multiple WAN ports can provide up to 2 xDSL/Cable modem connections or be used for outbound load balancing and band-width aggregation. The multiple WAN connections can be configured to provide a redundant link to provide a failsafe and always on-line connection. Live demonstration.

Also, an overview of Airepoch’s dual radio AP/Client/Repeater.


General Meeting: Jack Unger & WiMax

Mike Outmesguine opened the meeting showing some of the recently certified WiMAX products. A member brought his new Kyocera KR1 Mobile EVDO Router and using a Verizon EVDO card, we spontaneously created a Wi-Fi hotspot for everyone to use this meeting. Mike then compared the new Verizon XV6700 smart phone with the Sidekick 2.

We continue with an insightful talk from Jack Unger, author of Deploying License-Free Wireless Wide Area Networks, on “WiMAX Myths and Realities”. Jack helps us to understand what WiMAX really is and how it fits into the wireless ecology. He exposes some of the hype surrounding the new technology while revealing the promise and possibilites it could bring to users everywhere.


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